The Better You Understand Your OS, The Easier It Becomes to Navigate Reality

When you’re sad, you have one goal: to feel better.

And most people cannot (and will not) sit in sadness for a long time.

And so come the state changers: alcohol, caffeine, media consumption (video games, social media, tv, music), pornography, social events, exercise.

Mental masturbation is a big one these days. Do you really need to learn more? Or does “learning” just make you feel better?

Sadness comes from (a) dwelling in the past and (b) the meaning or story we’ve assigned to an event.

We analyze the past and feel like we should be doing better off than we currently are.

We are looking at the “staircase of life” and are seeing “where we once were”- and we try to “jump” back up there.

What you don’t realize is that you raised your standards, and then life knocked you down.

Where are the standards you set for yourself? Should they be lower or higher? If too high, you’ll set yourself up for a tough life.

Come up with a new meaning and use it as energy to propel you forward.

All in all, fuck happiness. Fuck sadness, too. Emotions are fleeting and perpetually in motion.

When they show up, challenge them to determine whether they serve you (bring more energy) or not (take energy away) – but never ever live in them.

“This too shall pass”.

Ignore the state of where you wish you were. And fuck the past, too.

Look down at your feet and acknowledge where you are. And then just start doing things- ANYTHING!

Get over worrying about what other people might think of you, as this will paralyze you.

They’re not thinking about you anyway.

Put one foot in front of the other.

And celebrate the small wins.


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