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You are the sum of the 5 people closest to you. Your network is your net worth. There is nothing more obvious. Who are you hanging out with? This is by far the fastest route to success. It is why the rich get richer- because all their friends are rich, too!


There is so much bullshit out there. You need very specific knowledge to be able to rise the ranks. Obviously, mentorship is the best, but a close second is having the right information at the right time.


You will need to be reborn. You will need to rid yourself of all the incorrect programming you’ve faced in your life- most of which, was not requested of. If you set out to kill all your distractions and things that make you unsuccessful, you will become successful.

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Golden Handcuffs

Golden Handcuffs. Where one chooses a well-paying cushy job over the entrepreneurial path. Mark Cuban had a recent quote: “I’d rather work 80 hours a week to make $50k/yr on my own thing than to make $750k/yr working for somebody else”. We need leaders and we need followers in all [...]

End of Year Review

Achieving greatness and reaching your goals can be both fulfilling and difficult. It’s crucial to have support and resources to turn to during difficult times to help us stay motivated, remember how far we’ve come, and get back on track. I have been doing this for the last 4 years [...]

Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk often begins from obsessing about the self. The quickest solution? Giving. Give someone something that they’d value. Focus on others instead of yourself. It could be as simple as giving a compliment, attention, or time. Another origin of negative self-talk is trauma (and the mind attempting to cope [...]

Going Forward Alone

When it becomes clear you have distractions in your life, what do you do? I purge. I remove everything.. every. thing. For an extended period of time. All devices/screens- phone, laptop, internet, friends, events, work obligations, etc. I am left with books and journals, and nothing else except my mind. [...]

What questions are you asking yourself?

When did men start becoming consumed, manipulated, owned, and enslaved? Since the beginning of time… The interesting part is that most people who are “owned” don’t even realize it. Technological advancement has made it increasingly difficult to detect. If we are not aware, we can’t even get upset about it. [...]

Emotions & Meaning

When you’re sad, you have one goal: to feel better. And most people cannot (and will not) sit in sadness for a long time. And so come the state changers: alcohol, caffeine, media consumption (video games, social media, tv, music), pornography, social events, exercise. Mental masturbation is a big one [...]

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