What questions are you asking yourself?

When did men start becoming consumed, manipulated, owned, and enslaved?

Since the beginning of time…

The interesting part is that most people who are “owned” don’t even realize it.

Technological advancement has made it increasingly difficult to detect.

If we are not aware, we can’t even get upset about it.

It becomes the paradox: “You don’t know what you don’t know”.

It then becomes a belief, a worldview.

You ultimately just accept it as “the way life is”.

Everything you do in your life is shaped around it.

This is true for all beliefs.

We can help wake others up. Support people to search for more.

It is critical we challenge ourselves with better questions.

What might be owning you? Is someone, somewhere, profiting off of how you spend your time?

Do you accept enslavement by some things, but not others? What do you tolerate in your life?

How can you ask yourself better questions? How can you think differently?

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and answers will show up.

Sometimes you’ll get answers to questions you hadn’t asked yet.

Those are really profound.


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