Growth Comes With Emotion (Constructive or Destructive)

All human beings seek growth. However, any time we seek growth, emotion comes with it. Emotions of certainty help us begin our journey- but that certainty is often quickly followed by emotions of doubt and despair, as we come to terms with how difficult growth can sometimes be.

However, lets not forget, we are human beings. As such, we can train ourselves into states of depression, sadness, jealousy, anger- or more preferably, the opposite- states of gratitude, happiness, joy, and calm.

We must learn to accept disappointment, as we are all human, and we know it will come when we do not achieve what we set out to achieve. It is said that we will only achieve 30% of our goals (that is why you should set a lot of them). You can learn to discipline your disappointment by controlling your state – your physiology (how you hold yourself- shoulders back, chest up, eyes straight ahead), where you focus your attention, and the language you use (affirmations pierce to the subconscious).

Below are a few graphics that have helped me over the years. If you come across the source of these, please let me know so I can correctly credit the authors. Enjoy!

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