There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Lonely

When it becomes clear you have distractions in your life, what do you do?

I purge. I remove everything.. every. thing. For an extended period of time.

All devices/screens- phone, laptop, internet, friends, events, work obligations, etc.

I am left with books and journals, and nothing else except my mind.

Sure, I am lucky I can afford to do it. But what is really stopping you? Bullshit excuses? You find time to vacation, right?

The purge is far from a vacation. It is more work than your normal job. It is very hard. Emotionally and spiritually. It requires discipline.

The purge forces one to slow down their brain and check in on the health of its foundation.

Most people cannot sit alone for 20 minutes- let alone 3 days, a week, or longer.

It is said to be detrimental to health to be alone. That we are “communal creatures”.

When people commit crimes, we lock them away. We put them in silent chambers if they’re REALLY bad.

Things like going out to eat, sitting at a bar, vacationing, going to a movie or nightclub.

All of these are frowned upon to do alone. Why?

They say “you’ll never be happy with someone else if you’re not truly happy alone”…

Well, if you never give yourself 3 days to ponder, how will you ever know?

Make a plan- at least once a quarter- to rent an AirBNB/Hotel over a weekend.

Leave your phone and laptop behind. And use that weekend to write, strategize, and plan.

It is an easy thing to deprioritize. It is hard to remember the reward. But it is always worth it.

One thing that stops many of us from living life to its fullest is we’re often too afraid to go forward alone.

You must break through that.

Love yourself and love your life.


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