Behaviors are what lead to success.

Behave correctly and success will show up.

But for many, your mind is full of shit.

With a mind full of shit, there is no room for discipline or consistency.

How are you supposed to behave correctly with that mind?

Ask yourself: how (dis)organized is my mind?

What can I get rid of that is a waste of time and energy?

How many negative thoughts do I deal with daily?

How do you separate yourself from your thoughts?

There is a higher self lying underneath the chaos.

Do you feed your mind positive information?

Do you routinely execute rituals to organize your mind?

Did something work before, that you aren’t doing now?

There are no shortcuts.

Clean it up.


Is Alcohol The Blue Pill?

I’ve been sober since August 24, 2016.

I’ve never pounded my chest about it.

Honestly, I was a bit embarrassed by it for the first few years.

That is, at least, until my social circle changed.

At my “peak” as a full-time DJ, I was often partying 7 nights a week !

It was hard to realize what an issue it was when everyone else around me was doing the same thing.

Getting paid to party !

It was the dream job to me… and many idolized me for my role in it.

I was proud of how much I could drink and still “hold my shit together”.

But is that really something to be proud of?

People find all sorts of things to be proud of – based on the values of their social circle.

It could be your drinking ability, your sense of humor, your business acumen, your ability to “score”.

We all need to have some sort of external validation to maintain our composure in the real world (ego).

But all of that begs the question- Who is in your social circle, and what do they value?

You must identify exactly what it is YOU value.

When you read biographies at night of the great people before us, what do you admire about them?

You must know this down to your core- uninfluenced by anyone else.

Then, it is your job to stand massively tall, and protect your values at all costs.

The more successful you get, the more you’ll be tested.

Cement your values in stone and never surrender to temptation.


Fear is the way….

“I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

This is the #1 regret of the dying.

Courage is defined as “the ability to do something that frightens one”…

Then, what are you afraid of?

Everyone is afraid of something. Something that makes you nervous, uneasy, anxious, or simply just “turn off”.

What you need to do is rid yourself of ALL distraction. Make a list of all the things that DO distract you. And destroy them.

Then sit down alone and get comfortable doing nothing- except being with your thoughts.

This skill is becoming more and more valuable, as more and more things are designed to distract us.

They want to keep us in The Matrix. To keep us being broke ass bitches. I won’t allow it.

Instead, read, meditate, journal, dream, strategize. Simply, Be ALONE. Allow yourself to be BORED.

I hear people say all the time “Oh, I have ADD. I can’t.” … ADD is mostly a product of our culture. Do not fall into this bullshit trap.

Only from this controlled state can you hone in on what the universe really wants you to do. What aligns you with you.

Your goal must be to find the things in life that you spend energy on, that deliver MORE energy in return. Net positive.

Once you identify that, share your findings with your closest mentors. Badasses who will push you to double down.

From here, the only direction is up, and you’ll be following your true north.

You must find your true north to avoid the #1 regret of the dying.

Do the work and go get it.


Copywriting Analysis – Aubrey Marcus (CEO, Onnit)

I recently stumbled on and watched his landing video for his online course. I thought it was pretty well done. I wanted to read the transcript, so I used a YouTube Subtitle Ripper and grabbed it. These things have gotten pretty amazing at automatically detecting words (it was flawless).

Anyway, for those like me, here is the video, and the transcript.

After you watch it, what are your thoughts?
Comment below or use the Facebook Chat to let me know.

I was sitting right where you are now
I had a job and it paid the bills
everybody looking in from the outside would have thought I was successful
thought I was happy
thought I was killing it

but inside I wasn’t I was a bit depressed
I was anxious
I was frustrated because
I knew I had more
I knew I wasn’t living my purpose
I knew I wasn’t fulfilling what I was here to do

I had that voice from when I was a kid and I think we all do that tells us that we can be something significant
we can do something with our lives that matters
we can live a purpose and a potential that’s unique to us

and I had that voice but it wasn’t manifesting externally
so I started to focus internally

I started to do
all the practices
all the techniques
all the skills

from meditation
to ecstatic dance
to yoga
to plant medicine ceremonies

I started to devour
all the podcasts and
books and
talk to everybody I could and
focus that work internally and
then all of the things externally started to change

I was able to found the company of my dreams
I’m literally the CEO of the ideal company that I couldn’t even imagine when I was a kid
I have the relationship of my dreams
I have a community of people surrounding me

but it all started with the internal work
and that internal work
that process
all of this understanding

that’s what I wanted to put into this course
this whole concept of going for your win of not settling
for what the world says is success and
what the world says is oh great you did it

[*note: I thought this was the weakest section.]

when internally you know what you’re capable of
you’ve known it since you were a kid
you’ve known that you were made for something greater
something more
something unique

and that’s really what this is all about
if you’re ready
it’s gonna be awesome and I’ll see you on the inside
and if you’re not that’s all good – we’ll be here waiting you

The Pygmalion effect

This is an incredible technique you need to have in your tool belt. Quick post that I’ll come back to add more to later. For more reading, check out Kerwin Rae’s blogpost on the topic.

The Pygmalion effect, or Rosenthal effect, is the phenomenon whereby others’ expectations of a target person affect the target person’s performance.[1] The effect is named after the Greek myth of Pygmalion, a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved, or alternately, after the psychologist Robert Rosenthal. Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson, in their book, applied the idea to teachers’ expectations of their students affecting the students’ performance, a view that has been undermined by subsequent research (e.g., Raudenbush [1984]).[2]

Read more:

Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson‘s study showed that, if teachers were led to expect enhanced performance from children, then the children’s performance was enhanced. This study supported the hypothesis that reality can be positively or negatively influenced by the expectations of others, called the observer-expectancy effect. Rosenthal argued that biased expectancies could affect reality and create self-fulfilling prophecies.[4]