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Copywriting Analysis – Aubrey Marcus (CEO, Onnit)

I recently stumbled on and watched his landing video for his online course. I thought it was pretty well done. I wanted to read the transcript, so I used a YouTube Subtitle Ripper and grabbed it. These things have gotten pretty amazing at automatically detecting words (it was flawless).

Anyway, for those like me, here is the video, and the transcript.

After you watch it, what are your thoughts?
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I was sitting right where you are now
I had a job and it paid the bills
everybody looking in from the outside would have thought I was successful
thought I was happy
thought I was killing it

but inside I wasn’t I was a bit depressed
I was anxious
I was frustrated because
I knew I had more
I knew I wasn’t living my purpose
I knew I wasn’t fulfilling what I was here to do

I had that voice from when I was a kid and I think we all do that tells us that we can be something significant
we can do something with our lives that matters
we can live a purpose and a potential that’s unique to us

and I had that voice but it wasn’t manifesting externally
so I started to focus internally

I started to do
all the practices
all the techniques
all the skills

from meditation
to ecstatic dance
to yoga
to plant medicine ceremonies

I started to devour
all the podcasts and
books and
talk to everybody I could and
focus that work internally and
then all of the things externally started to change

I was able to found the company of my dreams
I’m literally the CEO of the ideal company that I couldn’t even imagine when I was a kid
I have the relationship of my dreams
I have a community of people surrounding me

but it all started with the internal work
and that internal work
that process
all of this understanding

that’s what I wanted to put into this course
this whole concept of going for your win of not settling
for what the world says is success and
what the world says is oh great you did it

[*note: I thought this was the weakest section.]

when internally you know what you’re capable of
you’ve known it since you were a kid
you’ve known that you were made for something greater
something more
something unique

and that’s really what this is all about
if you’re ready
it’s gonna be awesome and I’ll see you on the inside
and if you’re not that’s all good – we’ll be here waiting you